Black Friday 2020


This year is not like any other... and to encourge local business closed due to lockdown in France, it was decided that Black Friday would be delayed by 1 week, until all local commerces were open.  Most companies played along, small and big...

Nevertheless, we have great deals to offer !!!

But you have to be quick, these offer are valid from Friday December 4 to Monday December 7, midnight !


Play to your strengths, by choosing a single, fully modular software package to go from design to manufacture. 

With CABINET VISION you buy only the features you need. This allows you to evolve and grow your software usage in line with your business, making CABINET VISION highly scalable and cost-effective.

Even more modular than the previous version of Cabinet Vision, CV 2021 allows you to purchase only the options you need, making your own CAD-CAD solution.

If you have Cabinet Vision and wish to upgrade with more functionnalities or if you were looking into the perfect CAD-CAM solution that is Cabinet Vision, now's the perfect time! 

Benefit from 20% off all software options.

Contact us ASAP to get your Black Friday quote


Vortek Spaces

If you do client presentations and haven't tried Vortek Spaces, you are missing out!

Now's the time to transform you Cabinet Vision and/or Sketchup projects into a virtual 3D interactive visits, without having to be a rendering pro! 

Benefit from 3 extra free months when subscribing to a 1 year plan!!!  

That's 25% more Vortek Spaces for your money!!!



For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:

Stay Safe.

Kind regards.

CVF team