Newsletter September 2020


Every month (or so) we send out our Newletter.  It's in French but we will add a link at the top of the French Newsletters to ensure you have all the information in English. 

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We have a great deal to offer in these special times...

Benefit from 50% off on all upgrade to Solid Ultimate!

You were thinking of upgrading your current license or additional licenses to Solid Ultimate, now's a great opportunity to offer all your users to benefit for Cabinet Vision full power!

Here are some good reasons to upgrade to Solid Ultimate:

  • Full Part Control
  • Exploded Assembly Views
  • Create and Edit Custom Reports
  • Define Part and Assembly Labor
  • Counter Top Construction Definition
  • User Defined Intelli-Joints™
  • Import 3D Models for Materials
  • Grain Matching (with S2M Center)
  • Counter Top Machining (with S2M Center)
  • MDF Doormaker (With S2M Center)
  • Dovetail Drawers (with S2M Center)

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June Webinar: Technical Drawings

You didn't get a chance to register for the last webinar on Technical Drawings, it's ok.

Here's a link to the replay.

The webinar is in French but you can view and follow the instructor's screen online.


In order to keep providing quality services, our team will take some time off this summer.

Our office will therefore be closed from August 10 to 21 included.

Minimal technical support services will still be provided by email only. If you have an urgent problem, please send an email to :

We wish you a nice summer and look forward to catching up.

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:

Stay Safe.

Kind regards.

CVF team