Newsletter December 2018


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The CVF team wishes you a great holliday season ! 

In order to return in great form in 2019 we are closing the office from December 24 to January 2. 

We will provide limited technical support by email only (  

Online Webinar (in French only)

Date: Friday January 25th, from 14hr to 15hr 

Subject: 3D rendering, the basics

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From February 8 to 10 we will be exhiniting, along with MW Programmation (Alphacam) at the Swiss tradeshow TechniBois, in Bulle.  For more information, please contact us.


ToeKick finishes: This package gives functionalities to create toekick casings (45° or 90°)

To view the video click here.

#technical playlist

To view our different technical videos, we have created a playlist to which new videos are often added.


If you couldn't attend or wish to view the latest online webinar on 3D object import, please click here.