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Installation Instructions

Step 1

Step 2


Step #1

After downloading the SE_Setup_English_Australia.exe file to your Computer double click on it.

Step #2

The installation will begin


Step 3

Step 4


Step #3

Click Next to continue the Setup of Solid Essential.

Step #4

If you agree with the End-User License Agreement click Yes to continue the Setup of Solid Essential.


Step 5

Step 6


Step #5

Choose the location on your computer to install Solid Essential. It is recommended to use the default location to ease any Technical Support you may need in the future. Click Next to continue.

Step #6

Choose the default Unit Of Measure for Solid Essential. This can be changed at any time from within Solid Essential. Click Next to continue.


Step 7

Step 8


Step #7

The installation of Solid Essential on your computer will begin. Do not interrupt this process.

Step #8

The following screen will appear when the setup of Solid Essential is complete. Click Finish.


Step 9

Step 10


Step #9

To start Solid Essential simply click the Solid Essential 2012 R1 icon on your Windows Desktop.

Step #10

You will then be prompted to choose to Trial or Buy Solid Essential. Simply choose your option and you will be directed to the website to complete your License Request. Follow the instructions on the website and any subsequent emails to complete the setup of Solid Essential.